Author: Bruce Goett

Buying a New Mountain Bike

I started thinking about getting a new mountain bike a few years ago. The first mountain bike I ever rode was my sister’s Nishiki Bushwacker. She bought it in around 1984. Riding that bike was more fun than a barrel

Sore Neck While Riding? Maybe it’s Your Glasses

Nothing will spoil a ride like a sore neck – well except maybe a saddle sore. I’ve never had neck problems but lately my neck has been bothering me on the bike. Not sure exactly when it started but I

Electronic Suspension on Road Bikes

Lately I’ve been thinking about getting a new mountain bike. I bought the one I have now in about 1995. It’s a hard tail and doesn’t have disc brakes. I’m kind of scared to ride it now, to be honest.

How Not to be an Annoying Cyclist

I tend to ride by myself 99% of the time if not more. In my busy life,  I don’t have time to be at a certain place at a certain time to take part in a group ride. When I

Gardin of Earthly Delights

I know, it’s a bad play on words but I couldn’t resist. The only thing better than finding a nice vintage bike advertised locally is one that’s a really good price. If you have deep pockets, there’s no shortage of