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Buying a New Mountain Bike

I started thinking about getting a new mountain bike a few years ago. The first mountain bike I ever rode was my sister’s Nishiki Bushwacker. She bought it in around 1984. Riding that bike was more fun than a barrel

Gardin of Earthly Delights

I know, it’s a bad play on words but I couldn’t resist. The only thing better than finding a nice vintage bike advertised locally is one that’s a really good price. If you have deep pockets, there’s no shortage of

The Agony and Ecstacy of Bike Wheel Building

If you have any wheel building experience, you know how  difficult and confusing it can be even with a diagram to work from the first few times you do it.  You can’t just start haphazardly sticking spokes in and hope for

Train Smarter with Zwift

A few weeks ago, one of my local bike stores posted a video about interactive or Smart trainers on their Facebook page. To be honest, I didn’t know anything about Smart trainers. I used to ride rollers and for the

Inventions that Revolutionized Cycling – the Bike Cassette

If you’ve ever tried to remove a freewheel from a rear hub, you’ll appreciate what a wonderful innovation the  bike cassette was when it first appeared during the late 1980’s. Before then, rear hubs were threaded and the freewheel was