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Need help adjusting your derailleurs? This category contains tips and tricks for keeping your bike running like new.

Sore Neck While Riding? Maybe it’s Your Glasses

Nothing will spoil a ride like a sore neck – well except maybe a saddle sore. I’ve never had neck problems but lately my neck has been bothering me on the bike. Not sure exactly when it started but I

The Agony and Ecstacy of Bike Wheel Building

If you have any wheel building experience, you know how  difficult and confusing it can be even with a diagram to work from the first few times you do it.  You can’t just start haphazardly sticking spokes in and hope for

Inventions that Revolutionized Cycling – the Bike Cassette

If you’ve ever tried to remove a freewheel from a rear hub, you’ll appreciate what a wonderful innovation the  bike cassette was when it first appeared during the late 1980’s. Before then, rear hubs were threaded and the freewheel was

The Beauty of Cloth Handlebar Tape

When you think about cloth handlebar tape, “beautiful” doesn’t usually come to mind. Yes it’s very functional, it does look good on a vintage bike, it’s easy to install, and it’s quite cheap. However, when it’s installed properly – the

Want to Save Money – Replace your Chain

In between drinking beer, eating chips, and watching Breaking Away today, I replaced the chain on my bike for the umpteenth time. The drive train on your bike is pretty expensive and it would cost a lot to replace the