Everyone is willing to enjoy an excellent shooting experience with Toronto Airsoft. Though, the options exist in a wide number which invites confusions. Within the article, you’ll get to interact with all the information regarding the Airsoft pistols which rule all over the market. With all the necessary information regarding each model, it will be helpful for you to choose the best airsoft pistols for sale in terms of your preference.airsoft pistols for sale

Several considerations for buying an Airsoft pistol

Buying Airsoft pistols for sale is similar to buying other products, which means that you should not end your search after seeing the first model. Grab the details regarding some crucial factors necessary to consider before investing in pistols.

  1. For how much time do you need?

In case, it is your casual sport or you play for once or twice without any regular schedule, then there’s no need to invest in an expensive model. Though, an ardent player should choose an expensive model for regular use.

  1. Are you a close shooter or distance shooter?

How will you use the Airsoft gun is an extremely crucial consideration! If you’re a distance shooter who shoots with a longer range, then invest in a gun which comes to long-range. For the distance shooter, guns having 6.01 to 6.05 MM bore opening are excellent. On the other hand, the short distance shooters can rely on semi or full-auto range.   

  1. Are you a beginner or an experienced user?

If you’re just starting with your beginning journey, then you need to think about your budget range before spending all the weeks earning on airsoft pistols for sale. For the beginners, it is good to invest in any mid or low range model. On the other hand, the experienced shooters should spend on a good model, irrespective of the price tag.

  1. What is your budget range to spend in the gun?

Budget is a crucial factor throughout the buying decision. There exist several spring-powered manual pistols beginning with $20. Or you can invest in a $500 spring-powered electric gun, which comes with advanced features.

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Airsoft pistols: What are the different types of models?

After considering certain factors, it is a must to choose a suitable Airsoft gun for your shooting purpose. Among the Airsoft pistols, there exist three different types of models which are mentioned below:

  1. Spring-powered manual pistols

In these models, the compressed air is generated with the help of piston and spring. These are loaded manually by compressing cock when it is the time to shoot.  


A suitable gun in every kind of weather condition.

Reliable pistol without any batteries.

Comes with a wide number of upgrade options.


The metal body is extremely difficult to find.

No semi or full-auto medium is available.

Creates noise during the spring action.

  1. Spring-powered electric pistols 

These models come with similar functionality like manual pistols. The main difference between manual and electric pistols is that there is no need to cock the electric models every time for shooting.


No need to cock the gun for shooting.

Easily available in metal bodies.

Comes with semi and full-auto power.


Don’t work properly in wet weathers.

Lack of realistic functionality.

  1. Gas-powered pistols

In these models, a compressed gas cylinder is used such as CO2, propane, and so on. They are easily available in blow-back and non-blow-back options.


Available in a realistic appearance.

Easy to buy at a cheap price.


Chances of malfunctioning.

Need to attach a gas cylinder.

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